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"Arlington Heights Artist Battles Rare Disability"
Burt Constable
Daily Herald
November 13, 2011

"'Like Ellsworth Kelly, Hopkins is a careful observer of the natural world, and uses these observations as a springboard for abstraction,' says Mark Pascale, curator in the department of prints and drawings at The Art Institute of Chicago."

"'We have followed his work for many years, but recently saw a group of drawings in brush and ink, or gouache, of insects that show tremendous refinement,' Pascale says of the work from Hopkins' 'insect' series chosen by the institute."

"'I think a lot of Michael's work deserves to be in museums the quality of the Art Institute,' [artist Ben] Dallas says."

"'One of the things I've always respected about Michael is he doesn't apologize for making art. He is driven. He's not social or political. He's aesthetic. Art is his life.'"

"Arlington Artist's Works to Showcase in London Exhibition"
Eileen O. Daday
Daily Herald
June 13, 2007

"An Arlington Heights artist, Michael Hopkins, will see his paintings included in a new art venue opening next week in London."

"The 'Wellcome Collection' is the newest addition to London's cultural scene."

"Philip Miles, a staff member at the museum, says Hopkins' works are located in an 'extremely prominent position' within the imaging section."

"'Having seen the pieces myself they are very impressive and well presented,' Miles says."

"Though his work will debut during an opening featuring a Nobel laureate [James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA] and other dignitaries, Hopkins himself will not be there in person. He traveled to London just last year, he said, and he hopes to return at a future date."