Articles & Reviews

"Michael Hopkins"
Alan Artner
Chicago Tribune
December 7, 2007

"Michael Hopkins' new drawings and prints, at the Navta/Schultz Gallery, show the artist both relaxing into a kind of imagery he developed just a few years ago, as well as moving away from it in a way that relates to some of his earlier, hard-edged paintings and works on paper."

"Neither is surprising, as all of his exhibitions in recent years showed significant developments and departures."

"Knowing Hopkins' earlier works, you can imagine how they developed in this direction, becoming tough, gem-like and demanding."

"Arlington Artist's Works to Showcase in London Exhibition"
Eileen O. Daday
Daily Herald
June 13, 2007

"An Arlington Heights artist, Michael Hopkins, will see his paintings included in a new art venue opening next week in London."

"The 'Wellcome Collection' is the newest addition to London's cultural scene."

"Philip Miles, a staff member at the museum, says Hopkins' works are located in an 'extremely prominent position' within the imaging section."

"'Having seen the pieces myself they are very impressive and well presented,' Miles says."

"Though his work will debut during an opening featuring a Nobel laureate [James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA] and other dignitaries, Hopkins himself will not be there in person. He traveled to London just last year, he said, and he hopes to return at a future date."