Articles & Reviews

"Hopkins' X-ray Images Emerge from the Mist"
Alan G. Artner
Chicago Tribune
April 14-15, 2006

"Hopkins' X-ray images are as vague as clouds and are not of actual bones or joints. The way the slate takes the ink, breaking it down into a veritable mist gives a further sense of something real and familiar that, nonetheless, is barely there, and such hovering presences complement most beautifully the firmer inventions in hard-edged geometry."

"Since I first saw the pieces last year at the LIPA Gallery, the artist has added color and increased the size with no diminution of the pieces' purity or concentrated effect. In fact, every time I have seen a Hopkins show, he has extended his discourse, which is how it should be with artists but rarely is."

"Artist Uses Blank Space to Draw Attention to the Essentials"
Dottie Indyke
Albuquerque Journal
November 5, 2004

"'I like how Asian artists essentialize things without making them sterile,' he [Michael Hopkins] said. 'I like how material is used as a key element of the piece.'"

"For years, his art has reflected this inspiration. Tonight, in his first solo show in Santa Fe at Box Gallery, Hopkins presents two bodies of work.'"

"After numerous failed attempts to win a $5,000 grant from his local arts council, he aimed higher, and in 2003 received $15,000 from the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation to support his work. This accomplishment, he jokes, has moved him up a notch 'from poor to upper-poor.'"