Articles & Reviews

"Visual Arts Listings"
Zane Fischer and Mara Goldwyn
Santa Fe Reporter
November 3-9, 2004

"Somewhere between calligraphy and radiology, these ink on slate and plastic works by Michael Hopkins find their own niche—rubbings from subterranean thought, the language and letters of cracks in the sidewalk or tangles of hair, the overlapped machine energy of bones and tendons, the exchange of light and shadow through doorways and streetscapes. Whatever the intent, these small, free-flowing meditations offer a satisfying and spare experience, like inhaling cold, high altitude air."

"LIPA Group Show"
Alan G. Artner
Chicago Tribune
October 22, 2004

"... the new white ink drawings on slate [by Michael Hopkins] are uncanny in their ability to suggest human bone structure as in X-rays before quickly departing to a purer formal realm. They represent a great leap forward from the earlier, accomplished abstractions."