Articles & Reviews

"Paintings Are Distilled to their Essence"
James Auer
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
January 29, 2003

"Hopkins' work is an acquired taste, but, I suspect, a lasting one. It's an enduring refutation of the ancient adage, 'If you can't make it good, make it huge.'"

"Simple Images Hold Power"
Robert Loerzel
Arlington Heights Post
August 8, 2002

"But Hopkins said he has also had many 'wonderful reactions' to his art—leading to an exhibit next winter at the Gallery Korea on Park Avenue in New York and the Milwaukee Art Museum's decision to include four of Hopkins' drawings in its permanent collection."

"'I really felt that Michael's work was good and merited being in the collection,' said Kristin Makholm, the museum's curator of prints and drawings. 'I like the way he creates very powerful images on a small scale. It's not as easy as it looks.'"