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"Artist Has a Good Case of the 'Mondays'"
Jon Davis
Daily Herald
March 28, 2002

"... the 43-year-old artist learned Monday that four of his 3½-inch by 7-inch black pastel abstract drawings are now part of the Milwaukee Art Museum's permanent prints and drawings collection."

"That puts him in the company of Edgar Degas, ... [Henri] Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt van Rijn and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, among others."

"'I'm not one to do things in groups, but this group, I don't mind joining,' Hopkins said."

Diane Thodos
New Art Examiner
September 1999

"The drawings of Michael Hopkins lead the viewer into a more intimate space. Four ink drawings, each five-and-one-half-inches square, float in white box frames. A few spare Richard Diebenkorn-like gridded ink lines intuitively explore variations of horizontal and vertical pathways, sometimes gently bending and forming triangulations. One feels the weight of the line change, the bearings of the human nervous system scratched out within a geometric schema. The apparent simplicity of this work belies its difficulty. It is precisely the pared down appearance of the image in its white box frame that allows every nuance of Hopkin's [sic] line to be felt. It is for this reason that works made on so small a scale can surprise with such feelings of openness and freedom in abstract form."